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Gutmann Algorithm Secure File Deletion  v.1.0

Gutmann method uses 35 passes over the region to be deleted, 8 of them are Pseudo-random. Considered by some to be highly effective for preventing file recovery. Requires .NET Framework 4.0 Source Code available in c# with comments. ...

AssureFiles Secure File Sharing  v.

Secure File Sharing With Digital Rights Management.Safeguard file sharing without boundaries. Dynamically control file access,grant or revoke the file access control at any time even files were shared. Keep tracking and auditing to the shared files.

Secure File System  v.0.0.1

A Secure File System that support users, backup system, cryttography system, recovery system and other. Fow Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and other Operative System in standard POSIX and

Secure File Transfer  v.2.0

Java client and Server Application for secure file exchange using a secure SSL connection on the basis of JSSE. Works with Java J2SE

Fast Secure File System  v.0.1.1

FSFS is a secure distributed file system in user space built over FUSE and OpenSSL. It stores AND transfers data between clients and server in secure form, leaving most of the cryptography to the clients, thus relieving the server of the additional

Secure File Encryption Program  v.0.34.beta

Open Source file encryption, written to learn about cryptograpy, programming, etc. And hopefully come up with some new encryption techniques that might benefit the

Secure File Handler  v.0.9.9

A simple java library (1.5.* and higher versions) in order to crypt (or decrypt) a file using a password. The library accepts the following parameters: an input file, the operation to perform, and the user

Secure File Gateway  v.1.0

The SFGW is an event triggered store-and-forward "file relay" proxy. This provides routing and protocol transition transparency, application and security integration, scripting extensibility, minimized administration, and greater end-user ...

File Deletion Utility  v.1.0.7

I had to delete 60,000 files from a Windows server on a mapped network drive over a VPN. I couldn't find any easy tools to do that, so I built a simple .NET 2.0 utility to delete files. Since this seems like a fairly common systems administration Secure Deletion  v.1.0 presents Secure File Deletion.Rewrites the file 100 times before finally deleting it. Our government insists that 3 rewrites of the file are sufficient to destroy the image.

Omziff  v.3.2

These algorithms include: Blowfish, Cast128, Gost, IDEA, Misty1, AES/Rijndael, and Twofish.Omziff also generates random passwords, splits files, and does secure file deletion according to DOD Standards. It is freeware, comes in a standalone

FileBarricader 2007  v.3

FileBarricader 2007 3 is designed to be a primarily a file encryption utility. Major Features:Includes only the best encryption algorithm: Rijndael (AES)Includes only the best encryption strength setting: 256 bitProvides secure file deletion, making

Secure Edit Unicode  v.1.0g

Secure text editor, like notepad but saves encrypted text

Logical Security Suite  v.1.0.4

Logical Security is a suite of programs that enhance one's security. Currently, the following functions have been implemented: hashing,encryption,memory dumping,secure file

THC-SecureDelete  v.3.1

THC-SecureDelete is the best secure data deletion toolkit!

AceErase File Shredder- Free  v.1.51

Secure file shredder with unlimited use of the zero wipe (1 pass) shredding algorithm to erase your files. Has easy drag & drop, quick installer/uninstaller, comprehensive help, & free updates until the next major version release. Portable capable

PCTuneUp Free File Shredder  v.4.1.9

PCTuneUp Free File Shredder can prevent your data from being recovered. It overwrites the deleted contents to make them impossible to retrieve & free up disk space. It thoroughly shreds any types of files and folders as well a wipes the Recycle Bin.

IRSYNC (file transfer utility)  v.0.1

Flexible, secure file-transfer utility similar to rsync achieving high transfer rates for both large and small files on networks with both LANs and WANs (networks with low or high latencies). Supports interactive batch as well as scripting

SEncrypt  v.

SEncrypt is a handy utility that will help you secure your files with strong encryption. it also offers permanent file deletion, for those who require high-level security implementation. SEncrypt is a simple, user-friendly application which enables

Portable WipeFile  v.2.0

A fast and secure file and folder deletion program

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